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Finally! … Now You Can! … Supercharge Your Own Marketing with This Amazing Service!

Something you never thought you’d ever be able to find outside of yourself or even inside yourself.

Now you can be interviewed by a uniquely skilled interviewer who is also a businessperson, entrepreneur, and podcaster on iTunes.

His attention to detail and ability to ask the right questions has created some of the best audio products. These have been great tools that his customers and clientele have successfully used to increase their customers and clientele.

"Going above and beyond the call of duty," … “taking the patient and thorough approach of a master who appreciates and celebrates excellence," and "applying originality in light of the real needs and interests of the end user -- the person who will ultimately listen to the interview," are all phrases that will soon come to mind.

The interview he does with you will be nothing short of a golden lead generation asset. He is a talented interviewer. Plus, the way he pulls it together is like hiring a top-level production house to create a great product that never stops selling. So many of your customers and future customers will tell you that the interview he did with you was the spark that caused them to click your order button and buy … or hire you!

So, who is this guy!?

His name is Steve Adamko.

I'm supremely sure of your confidence in Steve’s abilities to focus on YOU … and on how uniquely skilled of an interviewer he is. He is really good at it. And frankly, no one has ever been able to pull stuff out of ME the way he did. Meaning, that he is politely relentless—Steve left no stone unturned. I learned a lot about myself in the process of reaching for answers to his questions. Whoa!

Steve has great skill and really put his heart into what he does. If ever you have someone who you’d like to be interviewed by … Well … I can tell you … being interviewed by Steve is time well spent! You will be convinced that the process by itself is more than worth the time and the investment.

You will be delighted that Steve is using his interviewing and producing talents to create a powerful interview for you!

It will be amazing to you as you realize the interview you did together with Steve has accurate and relevant content that will continue to provide very qualified and educated leads for you every single month.

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Please review the steps below to get a feel for what Steve can do for YOU!

Step 1) The Audio Interview

I am going to interview you. But it's not just going to be any interview. When we're done, you will walk away with the most comprehensive, information-packed interview about your product or service possible.

And don't worry, it's not going to sound like a cheesy infomercial you hear at 3:00 in the morning. I've been doing interviews for a long time. I know how to research an audience and give them what they want. And I'm not going to let you sound bad.

In fact, let me tell you exactly how we're going to put this interview together so that you come across sounding like a knowledgeable, informative, yet down-to-earth expert.

Before we officially record anything, we're going to sit down and brainstorm, researching and discussing both your market and your angle.

We're going to make sure we cover all the features and benefits of your product or service, and all the objections too.

We won't leave any stone unturned. But that's really where your job ends because I'm going to do all the grunt-work.

I research all the questions to ask you in the interview. And I'll do all the editing and production work as well.

But you will have to decide what kind of offer you want to include in the interview. It needs to be some sort of call-to-action, but can be anything you want.

You can have people call your phone number. You can tell people to go to your website to get a free report. You can direct people to a phone number that's routed to your sales staff or product specialist.

The possibilities seem endless, and we'll go over what you want before the interview begins.

In addition to the call-to-action, we're also going to want to stress why people should go to you instead of your competition.

Because this is a fundamental part of your marketing campaign, we're going to want to include some success stories and case studies that highlight those reasons.

By the time we're finished, you'll have a hard-hitting audio that keeps listeners interested from start to finish.

And you'll have full control over the whole interview process. Nothing goes live until you say it's ok.

You can review all the questions before we go near the record button and if you don't feel comfortable about anything, we'll stop and talk about it.

It's very important that your digital audio interview is completely perfect.

Otherwise, there's no reason to go on to any of the other steps in my Audio Marketing System. And we'll make sure your audio is perfect.

Step 2) Audio Interview Editing

Like a book on the New York Times bestseller list or an Academy Award winning movie, impeccable editing makes a huge difference. And your audio will be edited to perfection. This step alone can take up to five hours for one hour of audio. So don't worry about all of the ums, ahs, giggles, stutters, clicks, pops, or hisses. I've got them all covered.

In fact, if you listen to any of my audios, you might wonder how I think so quickly on my feet. It might seem like I never stumble over my words or pause to find my place. The truth is, I'm just a meticulous editor. I don't want there to be anything about an audio that distracts the listener from the message.

That's the reason I spend so much time on this step. Smooth, error-free audio is simply easier and more pleasurable to listen to. I know that whenever I'm listening to a recording that's riddled with huge mistakes, I hit the stop button and listen to something else.

Prospects are no different, and we can't afford to disappoint them like that. I will make sure we don't, even if the editing phase takes longer than the production did itself.

Step 3) Typed Word-For-Word Transcripts Of Your Interview

Word-for-word transcripts will probably be more valuable to you than gold because there are many different ways you can use them to sell your product or service. You can upload the digital version of the transcripts and send them through the Internet to anyone in the world.

You can print them out and mail them to potential prospects or make the hardcopy pages into a booklet.

And let's face it, even though this is the digital age, many people still don't have much access to a computer or the Internet.

And a lot of people are just technically challenged and aren't skilled at listening to audio online. But most folks can open a document and this step makes sure they're able to.

What I've also found is that some people just prefer to read. Maybe that's because they read faster than they can listen to audios, or maybe they just like to highlight areas as they go along.

No matter what the reason, having the word-for-word transcripts of your interview will be an additional way to get your sales message into the heads of your prospects.

You will be able to edit the transcripts and add your website link along with any personal information you want such as your name, address, pricing or any other supporting literature.

Even if you already have digital or printed documents that sell your product or service, you'll probably want to include your typed interview transcripts with them.

If you are mailing to your customer list already, you can include these transcripts with your mailings to make them even more valuable.

Having word-for-word transcripts not only makes sure your message gets out to all your prospects but will also allow you to have a complete marketing package of your audio interview.

Step 4) Audio Interview Written Promotion, Title And Description Of Your Interview

Just because you've created the perfect audio doesn't mean people are going to flock to it. You have to give them a reason.

And that's where this next step comes in. It will outline exactly what the listener will get from your audio, and will essentially act as your sales promotion.

Because it is custom-made for your interview, I use a detailed process to put it together.

Once I have the digital master of your edited audio, I will listen to your interview no less than three times. Each time I listen, I will take meticulous notes on all the key points of your message.

Then I'll create a powerful headline and description that will give the prospect just enough information about the audio to get him wanting more.

Keep in mind that this description is going to be seen all over the Internet and will be used to get traffic back to your website.

Like the cover of a book, it will be what entices people to invest their time in you. A well-written headline and description will get your interview listened to, downloaded, saved, and passed along.

And like the audio itself, it needs to be error-free. Having bad spelling, grammar or punctuation will not only frustrate prospects but will also make you look bad. And I will make sure that doesn't happen.

By the time we're finished with this step, you will have a well-written, mistake-free headline and description tailor-made for your audio and designed to sell your message.

The possibilities are endless. Releasing your digital interview is the MOST important thing you can do to get your sales message out onto the World Wide Web. And this will make that happen.

If you already have a teleseminar, audio interview, video promotion that you are currently using to promote your product or service and you just want the marketing services without the Basic Interview package call 866-239-6520 and leave a message for Steve Adamko .

Pricing will depend on the scope of each individual project.

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