Interior Design Seminar: “The Secrets of Making Your Home Interior Design a Success Without Making Costly Mistakes That Will Haunt You Forever … Thus Making You A Houzz Design Dilemma Disaster!”

OMG!!! How many times have you seen and heard pathetic stories with pathetic design advice and opinions on Houzz Design Delemma?! If You have never checked it out before, then do so. You will see that people with all types of interior design problems are even more frustrated and confused by all the opinions that are given by “pro’s” and amateurs’ alike.

Most people really need an expert to guide their decision-making and help them gain awareness of the true possibilities and potential that is hidden in their situation. So many people are justifiably concerned about not knowing the right questions to ask to make an informed decision.

“Finally – A LIVE Event Unlike Any Other… Where You Can Get Hands-On Assistance and Expertise Focused On Turning Your Home, Condo, or Apartment Into an Attractive, Fulfilling, and Totally Satisfying Home Environment – Reliably, Predictably, Without Fail – GUARANTEED.”

Read On To Discover How in Just 5 hours You Can Quickly & Easily IMPLEMENT the Proven, Time-Tested Interior Design Ambiance  SYSTEM and Transform Your Home Into a Haven of Bliss.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover at this amazing, 5 hour event:

  • ·   How to create A Unique Ambiance for Your Home … guaranteed to make Your Home the envy of friends and neighbors
  • ·   The “8- Direct Ambiance TRIGGERS” proven to DOUBLE or TRIPLE the enjoyment of  your home.
  • ·   A Step-by-Step process to creating IRRESISTIBLE Ambiance time-after-time that will have YOU making reservations to stay at your own home, as if it were a “vacation getaway destination. “
  • ·   Super simple strategies to make your floor plans work better and look nicer … making it easy to live a better lifestyle, directly impacting your emotions in a positive way. Even making it easier to sell your house if you ever choose to do so.
  • ·   Secrets to BUILDING a complete interior design scheme that Captures the “Essence of You” without fail and enhance your pleasure and enjoyment at home.
  • ·   Surefire methods for Productive, PROFITABLE Home Interior Design… You’ll discover exactly what’s NOT working to get you out of your interior design “problems” and into high-value results for your home environment.
  • ·   How to find the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in your own Home (there’s a load of potential for you with just this bit of information alone)
  • ·   The Top 10 Money-Wasting mistakes you want to stay clear of, just as you would if you saw a hungry alligator nearby!
·   Plus examples, tools, templates, case studies, networking, and much more beside…

When you finish, you’ll walk away with a reliable, proven MAGNETIC AMBIANCE SYSTEM of integrated “tools”, ideas, and actions guaranteed to give you a massive edge over any and all interior design situations. Just listen to what other attendees had to say about their experience:

Regarding ARTICLES: "I want to inform people that Steve has a lot of excellent articles online.  He is a Diamond-Level Expert Author on  I believe he has around 25 articles written there.  I have read many of them and they are truly excellent.  It is definitely worth your time reading them."

Regarding SEMINARS: "If you haven’t been to one of Steve Adamko’s interior design seminars you are really missing something.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and informative; he is very energetic and animated; as well as funny and humorous.  When he gets done explaining things, you would actually need help to misunderstand him.  He's that good!"

Regarding WEBINARS: "Webinars are some of the best ways to learn and be enlightened on different topics.  Steve’s Interior Design Webinars are full of information and helpful tips and insights.  There are designers out there practicing that don’t even know their stuff and they don’t know the stuff that Steve teaches.  With so many people out there thinking they are professionals, yet operating without the requisite knowledge, I can see why so many people are deceived in thinking so much out there is awesome when it really isn’t."

Regarding TELESEMINARS: "For pure information and for those great question and answer sessions in regards to interior design and decorating, you’ll have to partake of Steve Adamko’s Teleseminars.  They are very informative and insightful.  You’ll definitely experience some “ah-ha” moments!"
And that’s just a taste of what you can expect to experience!

This is unlike any other event you’ve ever attended – because this isn’t about filling your head with a bunch of HGTV pipe dreams, tips, and tricks and then sending you off on your way to muddle along on your own. No way. This 5-Hour Interior Design Seminar is designed start-to-finish to put in your hands EXACTLY what you need to IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned so that your home will ultimately “take your breath away!”

I know... that’s a mighty big promise. But it’s one I’m absolutely confident I can make, because I’ve done it over and again – because I’ve put the perfect Formula in place to make it happen for you, to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to quickly and easily IMPLEMENT a complete Magnetic Ambiance in your Home, House, Condo, or Apartment that will set you apart as uniquely as you are unique yourself!

EVERYTHING You Need to Put Your Home On a Solid Magnetic Ambiance Foundation – Giving You The Tools, Training, and Help You Need to Experience the Success You Deserve!

NOTE: As important as Steve’s extensive experience, knowledge, and talent is, what matters more to YOU is his passion for sharing this information with homeowners, condo-owners, and apartment dwellers – this is what makes Steve uniquely qualified for this job. So I’ll wager now you’re saying to yourself:


Well, if you try to tally up all the costs, my investments in time, expertise, talent, training, and materials, etc. you’ll easily come up with a value of $1997. But because I believe so strongly in the need for this kind of hands-on training and implementation support, I have reduced the investment to attend to just $497 (Normal Investment $1,997.00).
It’s an incredible opportunity that may not be repeated any time soon. So don’t miss this chance to create a real Magnetic Ambiance in your life and home by putting yourself on the path to success. 

Hurry, because due to the intense, “hands-on” nature of this event... where you WILL be producing “take-to-the-bank” materials for your Home... seating is limited to 20 This is a HARD and FAST upper limit! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Steve Adamko’s Design Seminars will be scheduled on Thursdays and Sundays at the brand new Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kalamazoo West ... at 1315 Westgate Dr, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Yes Steve!!! ... I Will Call 866-239-6520 To Make My Reservations!

Don’t delay – time and space is limited and the opportunity is a rare one for sure. Sign up today.

Early-Bird Sign-Ups will receive access to a live seminar given in the Detroit area.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Home Enjoyment!

Steven C. Adamko – Interior Designer … Owner & Founder of Spectrum Interiors … Established in 1982