Dating Seminars in Michigan

Double Your Dating and 10X Your Success


·  Tips on Developing Your Self-Esteem so you don't kill your chances and opportunities.
·  How to write a proper online profile that gets you quality results.
·  How to present yourself online and offline for greater success.
·  How to take and post the kind of quality photos that gets the right kind of attention.
·  Learn the Key Differences in Men and Women that 95% of Daters Don't Know and How to "Put this Secret to Work." Not through manipulation,  but through true knowledge and wisdom.
·  How to endear yourself to others.
·  How to get ready for the "Catch of Your Life."
·  How to Maintain "She's a Keeper" and "He's a Keeper" and not mess it up. You want Bounty, Not a roll of Bounty!
·  Encourage and bring a friend for Double the Pleasure and Fun.
·  Invest in Yourself and Your Future Happiness for only $495.00 per person. Lot's of Laughter and "Ah-Ha" Moments are all thrown in for free.
·  The Seminar is 3 Hours long and held in Portage, Michigan.
·  You probably have never experienced a seminar quite like this or presented like this your whole life.
·  Call Steve Toll-Free at his personal number at 866-239-6520. Interior Design for the Person Inside of You! ... Being the Best You Ever!
·  Steven C. Adamko - Speaker, Author, and Relationship Coach